Monday, December 20, 2010

Dirty Electricity?

What I have been learning about health and nutrition is there's a lot more to it than simply what we eat and drink. Our health is affected by numerous factors. In the raw food world and health circuit there's huge talk about EMFs. So what I'd like to do with this post is try to define what they are, and discuss how it all affects us.

When Yahweh created us he made us electrical beings. I can remember learning in school about electrons, protons, and neutrons. The Almighty most definitely created electricity, but did He intend for us to be forever surrounded by all of the things we are now in this age? I say that He most definitely knew what was going to be made by man, but it doesn't mean it was His intention, just like a lot of things. At any rate we are all fearfully and wonderfully made, hallelujah!

EMF stands for electro magnetic field. All electrical inventions, wireless and not, create EMFs. Due to the fact that we are electrical beings we are affected by these EMFs. Our bodies are amazing, and there is a type of communication system I guess you could say that goes on with our bodies daily. Organs, cells, and other parts all need to be clearly communicating in order for everything to work correctly.

The more EMFs that we are exposed to the more our bodies can fail to communicate well in our systems. It is creating a neurological breakdown. So during a normal day our bodies should be able to take in toxins, filter them, and be fine. Low levels of EMFs are able to filtered fine. When things are complicated by the amount of EMFs that we're surrounded by is when the toxins are not released as they should be. Dr. Joe Mercola, natural health expert, gives the example that what is happening in our bodies is comparable to what happen when you expose a radio antenna to a significant amount of noise, there is static and confusion.

All sorts of research is being done on how we are truly affected by EMFs. I, personally, am concerned by the EMFs. I do think there is much validity to the concerns being presented. Studies are showing strong links to cancer and other diseases like fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as other common issues that might be dismissed in the mainstream medical world as simply common and unavoidable. The largest culprits are wireless devices like cell phones, laptops, as well as microwave ovens, radio towers, and radiation from x-rays (CAT scans, MRIs, mammograms, dental x-rays).

The closer we are to these devices the more closely they affect us. Research is showing a correlation tumors growing right where people keep their cell phones. This is a huge discovery right now. Sleep can be severely disrupted by too much electrical activity going on around you.Certain frequencies are higher than others and affect us accordingly. Sometimes things that are left plugged in, even when not in use, can create high fields. There are devices called meters that can measure the EMFs in your home, and local area. If you are so inclined to check them out, here is the website:

Now with a concern like this what can we as everyday people do realistically? It doesn't do our health any good to be wriggled with worry, not does that honor the Lord. I do think that there are some precautions that we can take just to be safe in our own homes. I'll share them with you, and you can take what you want and discard the rest ;)

*Remove the microwave from your kitchen (I don't use one anymore, haven't for 2 years)

*Don't wear your cell phone on you, like in a holster or something (I try to keep mine in a purse inside a pocket, guys I guess you can either use a man purse, stick it in a coat pocket while your walking, or keep it on a desk/table anywhere but touching you)

*Try not to sleep with too many electrical devices around you (take the computer out of the bedroom, and don't sleep with the cell phone in the room, especially if you charge it at night)

*Unplug anything that you are not using if possible (especially if it clearly shows that is in use like a radio with a red light on like coffee pots, boom boxes, televisions)

*If you don't have to do something wirelessly, like access the Internet or making phone calls, then don't, use a wired option (wireless devices seems to have higher EMFs)

*Use the old fashioned cored phones when at home (I applaud you if you can do this, I think it would make a huge difference personally if more people went back to it, and no, I am not there yet)

*Take TVs out of the bedroom (If there's not one there to watch then you might actually spend your time sleeping in the bedroom-novel concept)

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