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Vaccines: What's the Big Deal?

I know right off the bat this is a touchy subject. I also know the facts are not being told about vaccines in the doctors offices. My heart for the following article is that you would not even take my word for it, but that you would read, compare studies, and decide with empirical evidence before putting another vaccination into your body or a family member's body. I was vaccinated as a child, and I also vaccinated my children. I will be honest and tell you as a concerned mother as well as certified holistic health practitioner that if I knew way back when what I know now, that I would not repeat the vaccinations. Therefore, whatever decision to which you arrive, I pray that you will do so being educated.  

I am disturbed by the fact that schools are actually given money for pushing vaccines and the same are for medical practices. Whatever happened to parents and families being in charge of what happens or goes into a child's body? Not pharmaceutical companies with monetary investments, not doctors, and nor school systems alike have that right. Did you know the very studies and findings that the pharmaceutical industry uses to support efficacy of the vaccinations is done by the pharmaceutical companies? Does that seem right to you?  

I'd like to share just some of the contents of many vaccines, including the flu shots. I am not a medical doctor, I am however able to read, and I know for certain that I do not want these items in my body, nor the bodies of my sons. Below I will show which vaccines contain certain ingredients. I am not here to tell you whether to vaccinate or not. I will expose to you what's in the vaccines, and then you can go from there. Keep in mind I'm only covering a few of the unfavorable ingredients.


Did you know that in the influenza vaccinations that there is formaldehyde? There is no reasonable amount of this ingredient considered safe, yet it is injected into our blood streams and our infants' blood streams! According to the National Cancer Institute formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable, strong smelling chemical that is used in building materials and used in many household products. Here you can read how it is classified as a known carcinogen (that means cancer causing agent).


There are extremely high levels of mercury in vaccines way beyond what are considered safe levels. This is a proven toxin to the body. Mercury through studies here according to the EPA have show to grow tumors in mice and rats. Depending on the type of mercury is contingent on the outcome on the type of damage. 

*Mercury is also a toxin to be aware of with dental care, read here if you or anyone else you know has fillings.


Polysorbate-80 is also in highly concentrated amounts with absolutely no safe levels established. This is a surfactant or emulsifier used in personal care items and cleaners. According to studies concluded here by the National Center for Biotechnological Information (NCBI) polysorbate-80 can suppress the immune system. this is not just in vaccines. It can also be found in vitamins and supplements.Learn more about polysorbate-80 here. Dr. Joe Mercola expands on true immunity that is natural here versus herd immunity from vaccines.

 Human DNA

The following vaccines all contain either human protein or DNA: MMR (M-M-R 2), Chicken Pox (Varivax), Chicken Pox and MMR (Proquad), Hepatitis A (Havrix), Hepatitis A (Vaqta), DTaP Hib Polio (Pentacel), Rabies (IMOVAX), and Rabies (RabAvert).

You can read here from the NNii (National Network for Immunization
Information) about how vaccines are grown in human diploid cell from aborted babies.


According to the NYU Langone Medical Center,  "Aluminum is a heavy metal plentiful in the earth's crust. Aluminum toxicity occurs when breathes or ingests high levels of aluminum into the body. Exposure to high levels can cause serious problems in the body." There is a direct link now between aluminum and brain related disorders. Read here what Dr. Joe Mercola says about the dangers of this heavy metal.

Ways to Avoid Aluminum In Everyday Living

  1. Stop using body care products with aluminum like deodorants. There are several natural deodorants available on the market that work well. You can also easily make your own. I make and sell a wonderful safe, natural, effective deodorant in a paste and stick. To place an order go here.
  2. Remove aluminum cookware from your home. Replace it with stainless steel and cast iron.
  3. Get a good water filtration unit in your home. If you can't do a  whole home unit, get separate units, especially for your shower. I purchased mine here (this is not an affiliate link). In addition to aluminum there of thousands of gallons of waste and chemicals tossed into our waters everyday. When we shower its even more dangerous than drinking the water. This is because our pores open in the warmth of the steam and water so the toxins go directly into them.
  4. Use aluminum free baking powder. You can buy it or easily make your own.
  5. Use glass or stainless steel water bottles.
Read here about aluminum as well as several toxins to avoid and watch for in normal products you might have at home.

  What You Can Do to Learn More

 If you visit The National Vaccine Information Center here you can actually create your own vaccination plan. This allows you to choose the vaccinations, then the chart tells you levels of particular ingredients in the vaccines.This plan is extremely helpful, so even if after reading this information, you choose to vaccinate, you will be better informed to choose only the vaccinations that you deem necessary.

 Health Tips to Build Natural Immunity

For those of you that choose not to vaccinate, and even if you choose to do so, here are some things you can do to build up natural immunity.

1) Wash your hands regularly and do it with regular soap. Avoid anti-bacterial soaps that are too strong and strip our bodies of healthy bacteria.

2) Eat a wide variety of plant based foods in different colors that are organic to avoid toxic herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides. Read here how pesticides and the like can travel to the unborn baby from the mother through the umbilical cord and what you can do to avoid them like eating organic foods. Plant foods, especially dark leafy greens, are extremely important to consume in large quantities for adequate magnesium and chlorophyll.Green smoothies really help here.

3) Everyday drink about 1 Tbsp of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar in 8-10 ounces of water.

4) Eat a tsp of raw, local, organic honey (unless you are diabetic).

5) Exercise with a high intensity workout.

6) Get plenty of sleep.

7) Drink lots of clean water and add a little Himalayan Sea Salt for minerals.

8) Avoid eating wheat.

9) Eat plenty of healthy fats like organic unrefined coconut oil, real butter from raw grass fed dairy, avocados, raw soaked nuts, and extra virgin olive oil.

10) Store as much food/liquid in glass or stainless steel as possible. Avoid neuro-toxins in plastic like BPA and phthlates.Don't do plastic water bottles EVEN if they say BPA free. BPA is not the only toxin in plastic.

11) Use therapeutic grade essential oils to make home remedies, toiletries, body care, and cleaning products instead of chemically laden dangerous cleaners/solvents.

12) Avoid factory farmed fish and meats. Eat wild fish instead that are not bottom feeders and grass fed, organic pastured meats and poultry.

13) Take time to go outside and get fresh air each day. Walk and touch the earth with your bare feet when possible.

14) Learn as much as you can about herbal and homeopathic remedies so when an illness does come come up you can treat it safely and naturally.

15) If you have access to it, eat/drink raw dairy. Read here about the benefits for immune health by consuming raw dairy. Specifically vitamin K2 is highly available in goat milk. Vitamin K2 is necessary for absorbing vitamin D, calcium and magnesium.

16) Take a high quality fermented cod liver plus butter oils supplement for proper amounts of vitamin A and D. Try this one. (This is not an affiliate link.) If the cod liver oil is not fermented and combined with the butter oil it will not be as beneficial. Vitamin D is extremely important for a healthy immune system.

17) Eat/drink plenty of fermented foods and beverages to encourage healthy bacteria in the body

18) Put down electronic devices whenever possible. Wireless signals do a lot of wear and tear on the immune system. Essential oils can really help dispel this problem.Read more here about EMFs and how to be safe.

19) Do not use a microwave. They destroy our food's nutrition and alter the food's chemical state. Read more here.

20) Speak life, smile, and be positive. Proverbs 17:22 says, " A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person's strength."

Please do share this blog entry with friends and family members that are on the fence about vaccinations.

Be healthy and blessed! Helping you to be a good steward of your health!~Marie A. Ligorria, HHC

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Tips for Fighting Illness this Season You Might Forget

So over time we form lots of habits. Research has shown it takes 2 weeks to form a bad habit, yet it takes months to form a good habit that sticks for life. That's why I offer a 6 month holistic health counseling option. 

Instead of running to the doctor for constant colds, the flu, stomach issues, and more wouldn't it be great if you had some tried and true practices in place to avoid a lot of that illness?!!! I mean I'm not promising you that you'll never get sick. In fact a short cold once a year or so can strengthen your immune system. 

What I'd like to offer you in this post are a few tips I share with clients so they they can be healthier, more productive, happier human beings, as well as their family members. 

I have friends who sadly it seems every time I turn around that they or their family members are sick. I ask you, WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT? Wouldn't you rather spend your time feeling healthy meanwhile doing some prep work here and there to stay that way. I think you're worth it, and that's the better option...what about you?

Things We Think Save Time

I just want to touch on two practices in our culture that keep our illness rates high.

The Fast Food Drive Thru

I know, I'm a mom, I've been there done that...picked up the kids from school or from homeschool co-op, ran to the store quickly afterwards, then you hear it, "MOOOOM, I'm hungry" 50 thousand times! You look at the clock and you know you forgot to put the chicken in the crock pot this morning, you're doing times tables practice in the car, AND  in 30 minutes is karate! That fast food drive thru looks oh so inviting. It's fast, you don't even have to get out of the car, and it will quiet the noise for at least the remainder of the ride.

Is it really a time saver though? So maybe you're fortunate enough to zip thru at dinner time, but what are you really paying for in that bag or box handed to you thru the window? Look, you're an intelligent person, I know you know the food in that box or bag is not really food. Let me reiterate to you's not really food. It is conventionally grown, GMO, chemical filled junk! There is absolutely, positively no nutrition in that meal you just tried to be ever so conspicuous about shoving down your throat at the red light.

I know $12 doesn't seem like a lot to feed a family, and you know what, you're absolutely correct. It should bother you that they just cooked your meal in under 120 seconds, and charged you so little. If they are a business, and managing to make a profit off of that small amount they charged you, then doesn't it make you wonder why real, whole, healthy foods at the farmer's market cost more? Ok, I'm not trying to beat you up. I do want you to see that you are throwing your dollars away though. 

So if there isn't any nutrition in what you just fed your child, is it any wonder they just asked for food 30 minutes later? Yes, our children are growing, but when they don't eat a balanced meal, with lots of plant foods (it's healthy fiber that fills you up by the way), good clean protein for the brain and muscles to work properly, and lots of healthy fats (especially for boys) their bodies cry for more.To compound that lack of nutrition also come a door wide open for illness. When we don't eat well with healthy, clean foods full of nutrition that we need to function and operate well, we tear down our immunity. So there we are plopped down in middle of the doctor's office sharing germs with infants there getting a check up...oh joy, or picking up worse infections from other children...lovely. 

Also when we create a habit of eating foods out it teaches our children to live their own lives that way. Cooking, sadly, has become a lost art. There's not too many things more satisfying than providing our families a really delicious. healthy, balanced meal. I am a single mom, so believe me, I know this may not happen everyday, but let's try to form a habit of making this the status quo. It's a life skill that everyone should have. Eating out all the time is also very expensive. If you saved that money, and put it into healthier food choices, and you learn how to shop for healthy foods the smart way, then you reap a beautiful harvest.

Okay so what if you're like, Marie, I hate to cook. It takes too much time, nothing I make turns out right, yada yada. I'm reminded of a friend as I write this sentence :) First ask yourself, why? Yes, why do you hate to cook. Is it simply because you don't know how? Is it not that you don't like to cook, but the underlying reason is you don't like to grocery shop? Is it because of all of the ungrateful small or sometimes big people walking around the house that when you spent time preparing a meal they turned up their noses? 

I want you to try again, please, do this for yourself, and your family. I have some fussy ones in my house too. I have decided that I am not a short order cook, and neither are you. Obviously, it's much easier the younger they are to make changes. I feel like if I make a somewhat tasty, healthy meal, and it's on their plate, or ready for the taking, and they don't want it, then they are not that hungry. If you're married, and your hubbs falls in that group, well I'd say compromise, and make sure at least one thing he loves or likes somewhat is ready to go. Oh and if you have older children, this includes boys, get their tails into the kitchen. there is no reason why those teens and in some cases pre-teens can't be making dinner 2-4 nights a week. Get them involved in the meal planning, and find healthier solutions for their favorite foods.

The Microwave

Here is another American standard in the US. I used to use my microwave everyday! I think I removed the microwave about 5 years ago.  You know what happened when I took it out, I actually started to cook as well as eat a ton more of raw foods! Things have never been the same.

This I realize may cause a feud in your home, so I'm certainly not advocating starting a war. Do a test, perhaps make it a game or a contest in your family. So here's a challenge for you and your kids. For 30 days I want you to unplug the microwave, maybe even, I know it's scary, but move it into your garage, or into a closet. Show everyone where the pots, pans, skillets, blender, a good knife, cutting board, and toaster oven is in the kitchen. Make it a competition. Come up with a really good prize (that doesn't involve food) for the whole family to enjoy for participating. If someone cracks, then they don't get to participate in the prize.

Print out some really simple, healthy recipes, say from my blog, or other food sites/blogs. Tape them onto the front of your kitchen cabinets, or put them in a binder that's easily accessible for all cooking. Just see what happens. Yeah, you might get complaints for about a week or two, but I bet at that 2 week point everyone will start to adjust. At the 30 day point you will have begun to establish a cooking routine. It will start to become doable.

I challenge you to unplug the microwave for several reasons. I understand your time is limited, so is mine. It concerns me however that something that normally takes over a hour to cook in the oven takes 60 seconds in the microwave. That heat level and radiation is totally transforming your food into an unidentified object. Read here what Dr. Joseph Mercola has to say. Also what I'd like you to do is consider what food really smells like, and then what it smells like after coming out of the microwave. If you use it often enough you may not even realize the grand difference. When I walk by newly microwaved foods they make me nauseous due to the smell. Maybe you won't become that sensitive to the smell, but who knows?

Eat, Cook, Live, Grow

My hope regardless for you and for those in your family, if you are married, or have children, is that you will grow closer by learning or re-learning new skills that will improve your health and wellness as well as relationships. If you are single, all still applies. Take time to reconnect around the dinner table while you eat. Connect by discussing the new recipes or kitchen tools you are trying, as well as other topics. Live well by eating wholesome real foods. Grow as you learn what is good for you as well as tastes fabulous, and what is not good. This is called engaging both primary foods (our relationships: personal, work, and spiritual), and secondary foods (what we eat) to create balance then equaling good health.

Be healthy and blessed! Helping you to be a good steward with your health!~Marie A. Ligorria, HHC

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Gluten Free Trail Mix

So after working a double shift at my part time job I came home to a wonderful dinner made by my sweetie. Gorgeous pan cooked wild Keto salmon in coconut oil with a delightful topping of Dijon mustard, paired with lightly sautéed kale, quinoa, and baked sweet happy! 

I was in a rush to get home because we had plans to go to my friend, Crystal's house to play cards. The older I get the more things like invitations to card games, butterflies, and finding my favorite fair trade GF DF chocolate bar with a $0.50 coupon attached excites me...yes, the simple things. 

Anyway, all invited were asked to bring a snack to share. Since these days I can barely seem to keep it together (health counselor being way too honest), I scoured my pantry and fridge for something appropriate to throw nicely together. 

First I scooped a jar full of my homemade sauerkraut that I made a few days ago with my friend, Micah. I wasn't satisfied though. I wanted one more item to bring.
I then got a brainstorm...trail mix! It's easy to make, yummy, and most importantly I had just what needed.

Thought I would share with all of you what I'll be sharing at the card game. Hope you will try it! So this was not measured at all, I simply went by what I saw and looked good.


Raw sprouted pumpkin seeds
Unsweetened coconut flakes
Raw pecans
Raisins (Even though I don't like them; I'd prefer goji berries, but I'm all out of them)
Equal Exchange Dark Chocolate chips
1 Broken up organic rice cake
Raw almonds
1 1/2 turns of Himalayan Sea Salt 

Tell me if you make this trail mix for your family. I guarantee your kids will love it! 

Helping you to be a good steward of your health!~Marie A. Ligorria 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Mindset of Prevention

Over 5 years ago when I started my health journey, I should say when I started to listen to God and became obedient with my health journey 5 years ago,( I think it started long before 5 years ago), I learned that while society's frame of mind is to let something break, and then worry about picking up the pieces, that's not really a functional attitude or great way to heal. We need to think about our bodies and our health like the way we treat our cars. Truly there are people that treat their cars, homes, or pets better than they treat their bodies. It's almost tragic. Why do we think it's okay, especially in the USA to allow our bodies to get to the point where we are literally in danger?  There is so much disease in our beautiful USA that doesn't have to be there. We do have some control. Instead of breaking down, let's stop the process. 

The Mastery of God's Provisions 


The Most High God and Creator of the Earth  gave us healthy, naturally organic foods to eat. He made sure we would all we needed to survive and thrive, but we trashed them, and the soil, then choose to eat chemicals instead? Why? We were not designed to eat chemicals heated up to overly high temperatures with microwaves. We are beautiful creations of God, and we don't treat ourselves like masterpieces...why? The information is available, we say we want healing, but then complain lifestyle changes are too difficult. 

We need to change our taste buds, renew our minds, and go back to His word for what we are to eat. In the beginning, in the book of Genesis, "Then God said, "Look! I have given you every seed-bearing plant throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food." This was God's intention. Then in the book of Leviticus due to the fall of man came God's allowance, not original intention, but allowance planned from the beginning clearly defining what was considered actual food for His people to eat. He made clear that it was now okay to eat certain meats to get further nutrition. He knew what sin would do to the world, and that this would be necessary.

 Yeshua never came to change the guidelines and instructions of  His Father, He came to fulfill them, and show us the way. What changed was that eyes were opened to the understanding of grace, and that what the Father truly cares for is the condition of our hearts. He is not concerned with outward appearance, or the drones of repetitions some call prayer, or even our "good deeds" because even those can be done selfishly. God is concerned with the why and our obedience from a heart surrendered to Him. At the end of the day, only He can judge our deeds. All the more we should honor Him with our temples.

David, a man after God's own heart, understood grace from the very beginning. Grace always existed. He also knew the difference between man's law and God's guidelines and instructions. He understood that following what His Heavenly Daddy had to say was what was best for him. David knew God was His provider and all in all. David knew his position, as well the difference between doing what he could just because he can and doing what was best. By grace we are given the privilege of freedom, no longer bound by anything, but the love of the Messiah. By grace we could put anything into our mouths and call it food. That doesn't make it the best decision. In 1 Corinthians 6:12 it says, "You say, "I am allowed to do anything"--but not everything is good for you. And even though "I am allowed to do anything," I must not become a slave to anything." Also in 1 Corinthians 10:23 it says, "You say, "I am allowed to do anything"—but not everything is good for you. You say, "I am allowed to do anything"—but not everything is beneficial."

We need to stop making our allowances for foods or really things WE call food be a part of our diets. All things in moderation is not always appropriate. In fact that saying gets on my last nerve because it can be greatly abused and one person's view of moderate use could be daily as opposed to hourly. It is difficult to break away from our own traditions or to accept that all along we have been doing things backwards or wrong. These thoughts are killing us. We absolutely, positively have to have discernment. Salad is great, but not if it's a bowl of poison ivy. Just because what we eat doesn't defile us spiritually, doesn't mean it doesn't defile us physically. We must be good stewards. Illness, cancer, and disease is not rampant for no reason. We are responsible. Food of course is just one aspect and reason, but the most basic place to start, and easiest for us to control. It's important to understand what certain foods do to our bodies. That's a huge reason why I became a holistic health counselor. I wanted to help people learn.

Things to Strive for in the Kitchen

1) Homemade meals, then you know what you are getting
2) Eat organic whenever possible to avoid genetically modified foods, as well as herbacides, fungicides, and pesticides
3) Make most of your plate plant foods
4) Eat lots of raw foods for maximum digestion
5) Eat lots of lacto-fermented foods and beverages for healthy bacteria to build the immune and digestive systems
 6) Don't drink soda EVER, drink spring or filtered water
7) Don't consume factory farmed meats or dairy, go local, organic, and raw for dairy when available 

Essential Oils

God gave us EOs as His provision in the plants to take care of our bodies. He did not just leave us out here without support. We do not need foundations to do research, God already did the work. He knew what sin would do and what we'd be up against. He gave us these marvelous oils tucked inside these plants for our benefit. These were used in the Bible, it's nothing new under the sun. I'm so grateful that YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS does everything the right way so they are truly beneficial and beyond organic. Not all essential oils are the same on the market. If you want to learn more, contact me about hosting a free class.

The Human Body's Ability to Move 

We were not created to sedentary creatures. Adam was told he would toil for his family's food. Well, unless you're  farmer, which I am not believe me, chances are you are not doing too much toiling at the grocery store or farmers market grabbing groceries. Since that is the case for most of us, we absolutely, positively MUST build in time for exercise daily. Here is why:

5 Reasons We Need to Exercise

1) It builds muscle, muscle is needed for strength in the body, and burning excess fat
2) It naturally detoxes the body through sweat
3) It improves our mood and promotes emotional wellness
4) It promotes digestive wellness by increasing regularity
 5) It encourages good rest and sleep in the body

Not About Fear

I love my friends and family! We need mindsets of prevention! I want healing for all! God's desire is not for us to suffer. He's a kind, loving, and merciful God. He's also just though, and makes it clear that this life will not be easy. He's says things will be hard, and in the end days there will be disease. What He doesn't say is that His children need to have the diseases.  There's somethings we can't do anything about for sure. At the same we do have responsibilities to ourselves, our children, and to the Holy Spirit for those who are believers in Yeshua Messiah, since we house Him! All we can do is our best and God will handle the rest. From then on if we say God allowed this...fill in the blank, then fine. Do you see the difference? The attitude that I'm going to die anyway doesn't glorify the Lord. That is not being a good steward or being grateful for the health He's given you. There are those born unable to walk, and more severe. Please be grateful if you can get up and move, go to bathroom without assistance,and take care of yourself to stay that way. God can use anyone at anytime for His glory, surely! He loves all of His wonderfully made creation. How much better though to have usable hands and feet to proclaim His message of love to all if He chose to give those to you?!! Please join me in this mindset of prevention!

Helping you to be a good steward of your health!~Marie A. Ligorria, HHC