Friday, November 30, 2012

How to Make Raw Almond Milk

Almost four years ago when I started this health journey that The Lord put me on one of the first food groups to go for me was processed cow dairy.  It had my lymphatic system completely inflamed and clogged. I was constantly full of mucous, and whenever I got a cold I remember it would sometimes last a month. My immune system was so weakened it was difficult to heal and recover. I always woke up in the morning with gunk in my throat even when I didn't have a cold.

Initially for a few months to heal and detox I ate a raw vegan diet. Raw means not eating food prepared over 118 degrees F and vegan refers to not eating any animal products. This is the best way to eat to heal from most diseases and cancers. I say most, but always listen to the body. Everyone is different, and depending on what you are dealing with you may heal better from soups and cultured foods.

I remember how excited I was to learn new recipes, and how much I enjoyed them. It wasn't a huge struggle for me to change. I recognized how much better I felt each day, and the food was delicious! A recipe I learned early on was how to make raw almond milk. The benefits to consuming raw foods are maximum nutrient content, nothing destroyed by heat or extreme cold, especially enzymes. Enzymes are extremely important catalysts for digestion of the foods we eat. If there aren't any enzymes in our food we aren't able to digest properly. Lack of enzymes creates great agitation in the body.

The benefits to making your own almond milk are the enzymes are in tact, it's much fresher, there are not any extra ingredients, stabilizers, or preservatives, and the healthy fats are left intact as well as the natural vitamin E. also almond milk in the store I suggest storing it in a glass carafe or mason jar. It's much safer to store liquids in glass rather than plastic. Liquids absorb and soak up toxins like
biphesnols A (makes plastics hard) and phthalates (make plastics soft) very easily.

Here is what you will need to make your own almond milk at home:
1 cup raw almonds
Blender, preferably high speed
3 cups filtered water
Glass bowl
32oz glass jar
Nut milk bag

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