Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Be Open to Change

I wanted to be a little candid with you, my readers, about somethings going on in my life as well as the fact that while eating healthy is wonderful, it is important to keep in mind all the aspects of health and wellness. It's not just about the food that goes in our mouths. I have personally had a rough go the past several years, and because of personal situations I am reevaluating my diet, my routine, and my health practices. I am going through a divorce and it is taking a toll on my body. Anyone going through the traumatic stress of a divorce, recent death of a loved one, loss of job, or other detrimental situation must be aware of the fact that when these life situations occur we need to really listen to our bodies, nourish accordingly, and do whatever else is necessary.

First things first, take everything in prayer to God, and set before Him your challenges, concerns, fears, anger, and sadness. He is the great physician. He is in the business of healing hearts and bodies. Trusting your savior, Yeshua, is the first step in healing. Recently, a close dear loved one of mine asked me a question. He said, "What is your job as a Christian?" My response was to share the love of Yeshua, the Christ. He corrected me and said that was merely an off shoot or side dish of what comes from our one job. The answer to the question was to have faith. As the story goes in the book of Genesis chapter 22, Abraham approached the altar, in his mind with his only son already dead, in faith that His God would make all things right, assuming the position of obedience.

Just like Abraham, we are called to have faith. Faith, even that a gift given to us from the Heavenly Father (could He seriously make it any easier?), is necessary for true whole healing. He is our maker. We must handover our fears, doubts, pride, and misconceptions. We must be willing to be in constant transformation. Obeying His Word and being sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading for healing is necessary.

When our bodies are put to the test it is important to listen and watch for signs of stress, deficiency, and not become complacent spiritually or physically. It is often easy, especially for moms with busy schedules, to sacrifice their own well being for that of their family. There is a problem with this common trap. Women are natural nurturers. We must learn how to allow our Heavenly Father and Husband to nurture our spirits and physical bodies as well taking steps to nurture ourselves. It is not kind, generous, or loving to allow yourself to become depleted and neglected.

Different health issues can arise and affect the body in various ways. No one is immune, not even me. Staying strong spiritually is equally important as maintaining physical health. Do attend your place of worship often. No one person can be the church. Man was not intended to be alone. In Genesis 2:18 The Lord said it is not good for man to be alone. Reading the great physicians's handbook, our spiritual love letter from the God of the Universe, the Bible daily is also important for the fluid relationship between you and your creator. Then taking time in unceasing daily prayer is equally as important for growth and trust to be built between us and God. Unceasing prayer doesn't mean you must spend 24 hours praying. That is an unreal expectation, not one placed upon us by God. He simply want our daily regular attention. He desires consultation often, and loves us to a depth we cannot grasp.

Due to stress, some of the once upon a time healthy foods may need to go on hold or be reduced. For me, raw kale will be one of those. I am an avid raw kale lover and always will be. I am also sensitive to the fact that since my thyroid and adrenals are at risk currently it is better to eat it cooked. My female cycles have become extremely intense over the past few months. I have added the supplement Ashwagandha daily to my regimen. It is an adaptogenic herb aiding in adrenal stress, touching on physical, environmental, mental, and emotional stress. I have increased my intake of tulsi tea and maca root powder. Both are adaptogenic plants. Maca is great for hormone balance, energy, and nourishing the hypothalamus. Tulsi works well with Ashwagandha to reduce stress.

I have added a new activity. I'm taking Karate with my sons. This is great for mind as well as the body. It is also two whole hours each week that I think of nothing but karate, how breathtaking. Finding a positive activity to occupy your brain will be later followed by a thank you from your brain. Diffusing lavender essential oil at bed time increases the quality of my sleep. I have also added a massage once monthly. The power of safe human touch will remove loads of stress. Amongst my crazy schedule I am making it a point to spend time with dear genuine friends. Let others care and love you as well, even if its difficult. It is a blessing to others by allowing them to be used by God to bless you.

Don't allow the dogma of a health and wellness book dictate what you must do. Use wisdom, seek guidance from God, and use common sense. Listen to your body. The only book that is divinely inspired is the Bible. All the rest are written by men. Even take my blog with a grain of salt, and pray accordingly.


  1. Such an honest, open and necessary message. Stress can deplete us spiritually and physically and you have made wise choices to care for yourself. You never cease to impress me. :-)