Monday, February 9, 2015

What's Your Vision of Wellness?

Blessings today to you! Do you have a vision of what healthy looks like? I think we all do, and that's awesome! It is unfortunately far too easy to get distracted as well as discouraged and get off the healthy train. Remember it's a journey, not a single destination. It looks different for everyone, and we ALL need growth.

Today I'll share a snap shot of one of my weekly module exercises in my holistic wellness counseling program. I pray it helps you get one step further in accomplishing your goals of health and wellness for you, family, and friends.

Here is a peek into your virtual holistic health counselor's world. Above is a picture I shared last week on Instagram of my night stand. Right next to my bed, I keep closest to me the items that help me stay healthy: a picture of my lovies, the One Year Bible, Young Living essential oils and diffuser, my a finished mug of lemon and ACV water, a pen and small pad of paper, and my sleep mask.

What's Your Vision?

Do you have a vision board to help you stay on task? When I wake up in the morning the first things I see are those boards.

Creating a vision board really helps to keep me hold positive focus instead of waking up to negativity. There is so much yuck out there, and it is our choice to get sucked into it, or to look beyond. This is part of my healthy morning routine. I gaze over the board after I read my bible and meditate on how good God is and how I know He wants good things for me.

Two Sides

I have one side for professional goals and the other side is for personal goals. You don't have to have two boards, it's simply how I've chosen to break it up.

Professional Side

You don't have to have a professional side. Being a business owner this helps me to see goals and tasks to achieve as well as where I'd like to be professionally. On my board I actually printed out someone else's inspiring blog article and popped it up there because this woman is in a place with her business that I'd like to be. Even if you don't own a business or work out of the home, you might consider it though. Every stay at home mother reading this blog article is a professional home manager as well as the one billion other hats that you wear! You're beautiful, and yes honey, you work!

Personal Side

My personal side right now includes my Young Living calendar; those pictures inspire me. I also have up vacation spots I'd like to visit with my family. I included approximately how much each vacation would cost too. That's the getting real part is making the dream a reality, no matter how long it takes. Attaching a break down of food, tickets, transportation, ect really helps make it less pipe dream and more attainable. My fiance often says the phrase pie in the sky when referring to just saying things we would like, but not doing anything about them. Our personal goals and dreams are very important. When we lose them, and just go on with the mundane hum drums of life, we lose momentum, and forget that God put us here to live! Ultimately, yes, it's all about Him and service to Him. At the same time He put us here to enjoy life as well.

Personal goals for you might be to improve your immune system and digestive health. Examples of things to put on the board is first the reason you are doing this. So I would suggest in one to two sentences on a piece of paper to physically write out what your greatest desire is over all, then stick it on the board. Then include things like recipes to try, a picture of someone who inspires you, a new health tip, healthy grocery lists, pictures of items that encourage your progress like a cup of herbal tea, a bottle of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, or words like: grain-free, earth, deep breath, essential oils, planks, oil pulling, probiotics, squats, fermented foods, coconut get the idea.

Boards Will Travel

Recently, I attended this fabulous business building seminar by business mentor, Clare Luffman. Check Clare out by the way, she was awesome! She actually has her vision board in a binder. So Clare's active practice is to take her board with her even if she is traveling to be a source of support in her day no matter what happens. I loved that idea! So make this your own! If boards on the wall like mine won't work, maybe a binder like Clare's will! Maybe you could create both, so when you travel you won't be without that inspiration. Get creative, use your fridge, your bedroom mirror, or a blog if that works for you! You could digitally take photos of your goals and place them on the blog. Whatever style of board works for you, just do it!

This Is For You

If it seems silly, please try it. Maybe you have stayed on task for the most part up until now. If that's the case, a vision board could only be a boost to your progress.

Maybe you're like me though and on occasion people really discourage you or you get overly distracted. This is your chance to make an active practice of every time you get off track to return to your board. Tack up something new, look at the positive changes you've made, and just be still with God asking for His strength and help.Your board will grow and change as you do. You will add things and take them down.

Helping you to be a good steward of your health!~Marie A. Ligorria, HHC

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  1. This is helpful. I've been meaning to do a vision board for awhile now.

    1. Thank you so much, Marian! I'm glad this post was an encouragement to you!

  2. I am so happy I came upon your Blog. I am attending IIN and will graduate the first week of July. I've discovered how insulated I have been from the world by not being on the internet. My fb account started when I started IIN. I am a follower of Jesus Christ also. So to say the least seeing humanity at it's finest has been a learning experience. I found you by your post on the Health Coach Group. Thank You