Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gluten Free Hair & Body Care


When I first went gluten free about five years ago, I didn't realize just how entailed the change needed to be. Never in my wildest dreams did I consider having to switch body care, make-up, cleaning products, or shampoos as well as my food. Boy was I wrong! 

I understood the harsh chemicals, solvents, dyes, and perfumes were harmful, but I never considered that there would be gluten in these products, nor did I realize how much they were affecting me. 

I found out that the acne and eczema I was suffering from was actually from severe gluten and processed cows milk intolerance. Once I removed those items from my diet all subsided, at least for the most part. What I couldn't figure out is why the skin by my scalp and hair line continued to break out with a vengeance.

Then I began to dig deeper and research skin and hair issues. I decided to do an Internet search on what other products contain gluten and if it was possible that my newer, swapped out, cleaner body care and hair care products could be bothering me. Turns out they were. Now I totally get it, and it truly made sense at the time, it just hadn't occurred to me that my Eco-friendly, organic products could be making me sick. We absorb components through our skin so quickly and easily, and they travel right into the blood stream. 

So then I started my quest for safe, gluten free shampoo and body care items. Today there are more options than five years ago, but I definitely found some I liked.

I eventually started making my own body care items because I found it was less expensive if I bought in bulk and I enjoyed the control and customization.  Friends knew I was making items, so I started making things for them too.

The one item that I've not been able to make and be satisfied with was shampoo. I tried other people's recipes, my own recipes, and nothing really satisfied me. So over the years I have just bounced in between gluten free shampoos on the market. I have to say that none of them ever really did my hair justice. 

I thought I'd share I'm really happy with the No-Shampoo or No-Poo method of washing my hair! It's gluten-free, safer, cheaper, and really low maintenance. I can now wash my hair twice a week. There was a period of adjustment. I have very thick, curly hair. I hear if you have thinner hair that a homemade coconut milk based shampoo may be more appropriate. 


I use 1 TBSP of baking soda in a pint size mason jar, fill it with water in the shower, put on a lid, shake it, then pour on my head. I rub my scalp gently, then rinse (using the same jar) with 2 TBSP Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and shower water. (You could use another Apple cider vinegar. I just always have this one here, plus it is organic.) I make sure to pour it on my scalp plus the rest of my hair as evenly as possible, then rinse with plain water from the shower. The combination of the vinegar and the baking soda creates a perfect pH balance for the scalp and hair.  
If you suffer from dry scalp or dandruff chronically, chances are there is a bacterial imbalance in the body. Using Braggs vinegar in this case is imperative because it has good bacteria to help the restoration topically. Consider also taking a high quality probiotic.
If you find using this complete method is not working for your hair type, but you have an itchy, dry scalp, then you can alternate it with your regular shampoo, or at night you can spray diluted apple cider vinegar on your scalp before bed. 

After I get out I gently towel dry my hair. I scrunch with argan oil, 1 drop of Oola Grow, and 1 drop of Oola Balance...smells awesome. The nights before I wash my hair I massage organic unrefined coconut oil plus 1drop of Lavender, and 1 drop of Tea Tree onto my scalp and mid to bottom part of my hair. The coconut oil deeply moisturizers my hair and scalp. The oils promote a healthy environment on my scalp.

I hope you find this helpful. If you are in need of Young Living Essential Oils, you can order HERE. If you sign up for a wholesale membership, you can get a 24% discount on every purchase!

Helping you to be a good steward of your health!~Marie A. Ligorria, HHC


  1. This was eye-opening for me. Thank you! I never even thought about gluten in hair and body care products. I will definitely be sharing this post with those I know with gluten sensitivities. I also love that you included your shampoo recipes.

    1. Hi Alyssa,
      I'm so glad the entry was helpful to you! I appreciate the shares! Yes, I kept having issues, and was floored to find out it was shampoo and make up!

  2. Thanks for the recipe, I'll keep that in my toolbox for times where I might be in a jam. I found out over 5 years ago the importance of reading ingredient labels on what we put on our bodies. Fortunately, I found a product line that is gluten free, vegan, free of toxic chemicals. I have to pay attention to ingredients that could be endocrine disruptors.

  3. Thanks for these great tips. I will certainly be trying the lavender essential oil and coconut oil on my scalp.

  4. It is so nice to get a recipe like this for beauty items. It is really hard to find gluten free and non toxic. Thanks for sharing this! ~Cathy

  5. Yay! As a fellow Young Living girl I LOVE this post! Plus, my daughter is gluten allergic. I will have to refer back to this post! Thanks!

    1. Isn't Young Living wonderful?!! I'm so glad that this will be helpful!

  6. Love this recipe- I will try it out! I have thin hair and I find all the natal shampoos cause knots…so I love the coconut oil tip- thanks for this!