Monday, November 1, 2010

Glory to the Most High

I just wanted to post how awesome our God is, and that I pray that any information on this blog will glorify Him, the Lord Yeshua, the one we call Jesus.  It is for His body, the body of Christ, and for all creation.  It occurred to me this morning how much the Lord has given me, and continues to give. 

While I won't get into it with details recently the Lord had taken something away from me, well, it seems as so anyway.  Did you know that when He takes away He gives so much more? I was privileged enough last night to attend my home church's fall festival.

I was surrounded by so much love, friendship, and true family members.  The love of Christ Jesus is alive, and thriving.  I don't know how anyone can choose to walk this Earth alone.  The Lord wants so much to bless us, and love us without limits.  If you don't know Him won't you please ask Him to be your Lord and Savior today? 

This life is too difficult to go through alone.  There is too much heartache and disappointment to not know that there is a happily ever after.  There is life after death.  There is eternity to be spent with the one who made you.  That is true health and wellness. 

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