Monday, November 22, 2010

Where Do I Shop?

I'm regretful for not being on the blog more this month. So much has been going on, but I have so many things that I want to talk about. A question that I get quite often is how can you afford to eat this way? Another one is where do you shop?   So I figured I answer those two very valid questions.

My answer to the first question is really a personal determination of how much your health is worth to you. I value my health because it is a gift from the Lord. We are to be good stewards of all things that He gives to us, so that includes my health.  Without good health it is difficult to accomplish much.  I'd also much prefer to care for health through eating properly, taking whole food supplements, and exercise rather than paying for it at the doctor's office. I am not good to my family ill.

As for the next question I shop at a variety of places.  I'll cover place by place, and describe what I purchase at each place.  Different places are good for different things.  I also plan my trips accordingly so not to waste gas. This all about planning. 

Whole Foods
What I purchase at Whole Foods is currently more than I'd like right now, since it is expensive, but there's a lot to be said for Whole Foods. Their produce is almost always lovely.  They work very hard to sell local produce from the farms in the area.  Local foods are always better for cost effectiveness, nutritional properties, and it's better for the physical environment.

Truth be told though when you are buying organic, more often than not what I have found is for quality and quantity Whole Foods is cheaper :) Their employees are almost always knowledgeable in the department that they work unlike other stores.

I purchase all of the following organic veggie and fruits there: kale, carrots, potatoes (red and russet), apples, celery, cilantro, parsley, cabbage, and red leaf lettuce.  I also regularly purchase the 365 brand organic coconut oil, Manitoba Harvest or Nutiva hemp seeds, raw goat cheese, cage free eggs (the 18 pack), certain vitamin supplements, Annie Chun's Brown Rice Mai Fun Noodles (great sub for angel hair pasta dishes for gluten free options), Arrowhead Mills all natural creamy peanut butter, 365 brand Grade B organic Maple Syrup, coconut aminos (soy free sub for soy sauce), bulk herbs/spices, bulk section non GMO brown rice (short grain and long grain), organic chick peas, organic popcorn, and raw nuts.  I also buy grass fed local red meat and poultry there.

Trader Joes
I really like Trader Joes because it is a super kid friendly store.  I really like to get my bananas there. I find it is the cheapest place to get them.  I don't buy too much produce there other wise unless absolutely necessary due to time.  I don't think their produce is the best. I will purchase raw ginger root there though.  I'll buy raw nuts there often, goat's milk yogurt, crumbly goat cheese, organic cage free eggs, frozen organic strawberries, pesticide free blueberries, and frozen bell peppers.

I will buy organic peanut butter there sometimes, but I prefer the Arrowhead Mills at Whole Foods because it is in a glass jar. I often purchase raw creamy and chunky almond butter. For snacks we like the organic blue tortilla chips. If you buy tortilla chips, these are the best. We sometimes buy the organic corn chip dippers also; these are like organic fritos-no this is NOT healthy, just yummy. I also get Italian extra virgin olive oil, and raw creamed honey there.

The State Farmers Market
I love our farmers market.  It makes me feel good to support local agriculture. Around this time of year I'm buying up the pie pumpkins like crazy to make pumpkin puree for breads, muffins, pies, and cookies.  I buy raw local honey there about every 2 weeks.  I like to get local tomatoes, zucchini, and squash. I also pick up bell peppers, kale if is pesticide free (a lot of times it is), and eggplant.  As a treat for the kids we'll go grab some goat's milk ice cream.  If you live in the Triangle go to try it, it's really good.

Sam's Club
Wholesale clubs are fantastic for those of us eating whole foods.  I find Sam's is the cheapest out of all of them.  I buy the big bins of baby spinach there, the big bags of broccoli, raw garlic, purple onions, lemons, limes, and avocados (when they are from CA or Mexico).

These are my regular grocery stops.  I use coupons when applicable, I look for sales, discounted products, and try to stick to my grocery list. I have a meal planner/calendar that I'll also post below.  I find it help to use a meal calendar, even as a guideline.  If I change my mind, run out of something, or something comes up, that's fine, but it gives me a base to start from for meals each week.

 Monthly Dinner Menu
Left Overs
Beef Patties/
Veggie Patties w/ Salad
Left Overs
Baked Mac and Nut Cheese & Salad
Chicken Legs & Veggies
Pizza & Salad
Loaded Baked Potatoes & Salad
Left Overs
Veggie Tacos & Veggies
Left Overs
Pasta with Red sauce & Salad
Chicken Thighs & Veggies
Pizza & Salad
Enchiladas & Veggies
Left Overs
Mini Turkey Meat Loaves & Veggies
Left Overs
Pasta with Pesto & Salad
Chicken Breasts & Veggies
Pizza & Salad
Rice/Bean Burritos & Veggies
Left Overs
Steak & Veggies
Left Overs
Asian Pasta Stir-fry & Salad
Chicken Legs & Veggies
Pizza & Salad
Ratatouille/Other Veggie Casserole & Salad
Other Meal Options for substitutions:
·         Vegetable Soup
·         Tomato Soup
·         Minestrone Soup
·         Vegan Gnocchi
·         Quiche
·         Breakfast for Dinner
·         Broiled/Baked Flounder
·         Veggie Chili (
·         Veggie Fried Rice (
·         Vegan Lasagna (
·         Lentil Pie (recipe binder)
·         Vegetarian Meatloaf (recipe binder/

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