Monday, September 12, 2011

Coconut Butter Crazy!

So I just wanted to share how much I have a love affair with coconut butter. It is smooth, creamy, yummy, and can be eaten alone, on gluten free toast, on fruit, and in smoothies...oh it will transform your smoothie. I'm going to post a write up on coconuts later.

My personal favorite is Artisana's Raw Coconut Butter. I have to give props to Whole Foods. Yesterday early before church I did a quick grocery run over there. I saw my favorite brand Artisana, along with another brand. I brought them both up to customer service because I was wondering if the other brand was raw as well. It didn't say so on the jar, so none of us were really sure.

Here's the super cool thing, so anyone who bashes Whole Foods for their prices has to consider the customer service going on there as well as the quality in their products. You get what you pay for most definitely. Since neither one of the ladies at customer service knew for sure whether it was raw, and the other brand didn't have a raw option on the shelf, they gave me the Artisana for free! See I brought up both jars up there wanting to know because there was a dollar difference. Every dollar counts, right. Truly was a blessing for me!

So Artisana actually has several wonderful raw products in their line. Here is a link to their website:

Something I'd most like to try is their raw tahini for hummus when I make it. It would be great for raw salad dressings too. I hope to be able to try all of the products. Currently I am entering a contest via another fellow blogger. She is offering a free jar of Artisana coconut butter and 1 each flavor of their on-the-go squeeze packs. Those on the go packs are cool!

Here is her link for the blog:

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