Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kale, I Could Kiss You!

Bar none, hands down, my favorite leafy green is kale. I laugh sometimes because people will come over to my plate and look, and say, "What is that? Is that kale? I only thought kale was a garnish." Then that opens a beautiful door for me to talk about a great superfood in my opinion.

Kale is a dark leafy green vegetable in the cruciferous family. It's a great source of calcium for strong bones, antioxidant cancer fighting and immune boosting Vitamin C, Vitamin A, folic acid (B-6) that reduces osteoporosis, helps healthy unborn babies stay strong, and reduces heart disease, potassium that regulates of our acid pH, and is a vital component in the building of our muscles, magnesium that assists enzymes in our bodies, reduces muscle cramping, and helps with protein assimilation, and carotenoids a precursor to Vitamin A that radically fights cancer.

Whenever possible you want to eat organic kale. Like all leafy greens organic is best because they are heavily sprayed with toxic cancer causing chemicals. It is easy to grow in the garden and you can grow it in spring or fall. There are several different varieties of kale.

Kale is lovely eaten raw in a salad or cooked in a saute or soup. I thoroughly enjoy it both ways. I also put kale in my green smoothies. Eaten raw its an excellent source of enzymes which greatly assist in the breakdown of our food. If you'd like a free kale salad recipe go on Facebook,like my page, and I will email you a recipe.

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