Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What do you bag your lunch with?

It occurred to me that I should share with you some things I use for food storage on the go. I became frustrated with the use of plastic bags due to possible toxins, what happens to the bags after I toss them, and expense. When you have children you go through a lot plastic bags for sandwiches and snacks. The cost adds up considerably in more ways than one.

For sandwiches I invested $14.95 for these great little stainless steel boxes. They have a latch on each side. They are easy to open, close, and clean. I found mine at Earthfare Market. I've also seen them at Whole Foods Markets, and on reuseit.com. Check out my web banner.

For snacks my most recent purchase were these awesome little cloth bags. See them in the picture :) They are from a company called Wastenot Saks. I purchased them on a website called resuseit.com. You can purchase these bags through the banner on the side of the blog. They come in two sizes. If you buy the larger size, about the same size as a plastic sandwich baggie, are $7.45 or $6.95 if you buy more than one. The smaller size, about the size of a plastic snack baggie, are $6.45 or $5.95 for more than one. There are different patterns.

For water I prefer stainless steel over BPA free plastic. For my sons I purchased these really great bottles at Costco for about $15.00 for both. For myself I had purchased a bottle from Thermos.

We use stainless steel Thermos canisters for soup, chili, oatmeal, and even yogurt on the go. Mine actually came with its own spoon.

If you have found a bag, container, or bottle that works for you, let us know here please.

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