Sunday, April 29, 2012

DO you eat seasonally?

I can't express to you enough to make the farmers market your friend if you don't have a garden. Due to the fact that we are fearfully and wonderfully made our wonderful Lord Jesus has made us in connection with the natural things around us. This is exhibited by our bodies coming dust and returning to dust when we physically die. We are a part of creation, a very intricate part, yet part of it nonetheless, so in my estimated opinion I believe that we are in a sense connected to the earth.

It only makes sense since we are the ones who rule and have dominion over the earth. One cannot rule what they are not a part of or are not connected. You would quickly be rejected or rebelled by those you rule. It was one of the reasons Christ became man was so that we could see how He was able to relate to us, feel our pain and struggles, and understand it all even at the same time being God. Sadly we rejected and rebelled against the only one who came to save us.

So when we reside in a certain area for a while our bodies acclimate themselves to the surroundings, and our blood, skin, hair, amount of fat our bodies need, and even digestive system all adapt to where we live. I'm not not saying it's a perfect formula. Just because you move to Hawaii, it doesn't mean you will lose 100 pounds while you go through the drive thru 4 times a week, but you will adjust to the humidity, and you're body will want to lose the weight, even if your own habits don't allow it full success.

 What I have learned to do is to listen to my body, feed it what it needs, and not be too dogmatic. Everyone's body is different. I don't process meat very well, I took it out 3 years ago, and I don't miss it. Knowing what is done to animals these days, I really don't miss it. Watch Food Inc, King Korn, and, Forks Over Knives, if you don't know what I am referring to about the treatment of animals we eat. You can watch those documentaries on Netflix.

My body needs a little bit of animal protein though. After trial and error this is what I have found. I thrive on high amounts of raw veggies and fruits, along with raw nuts and seeds, some beans and healthy gluten free grains like quinoa, millet, and brown basmati rice, raw goat cheese, and eggs. In the warmer months I am almost 100% raw with the foods I eat. I do green smoothies almost every morning for breakfast, lots of salads, and fresh fruit. In the cooler months I add in more cooked grains, vegetarian soups, and baked sweet potatoes.

When we eat seasonally we do our bodies and the environment a world of good. I'll probably do a post on this topic each year because I think it is so important. When we shop at our local farmers markets and shop at grocery stores that work with local farmers it helps our bodies by getting more bio-available nutrients from foods picked not too long ago. Many times you can work out good deals at farmers markets if you get to know your farmer and shop with the same one there for a while. It helps the local farmers stay in business which is good for the community and the farmer himself. It also is less gas used to transport the food, which is good for keeping pollution down from the gas fumes.

Please consider eating this way. Its a great way to try new fruits and veggies. It forces you to say, okay, I've never had daikon radish before, let me take some. When we eat what is in season we are getting the full nutrient value instead of fruit or veggies forced to grown in improper conditions, like under lights. Another avenue is to sign up for a produce co-op, or produce shipments that come straight to your house. These are very popular right now, you can sign up with a particular group, pay a flat fee per week or per month, and receive a box of fresh, local produce at your doorstep.

Tell me what you do to eat seasonally. Do you have a local farmers market that you like in your area?

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