Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stressed Much?!!!

We live in such a busy culture. There's never anytime to sit down, or so we think. As Americans we are bred with the mentality that more and bigger are better. We just keep running on the hamster wheel until we are ragged, worn down, sick, and stressed because of it all. Wake up, maybe do a little straightening up, make lunches, make breakfast, drive kids to school, or start school at home, go to work, walk the dog, clean the house, start the laundry, run errands, pick the kids up from school or come home from work, start dinner or run through the drive thru, do homework in the car, take kids to ballet, soccer, piano lessons, come home, send that important email, bath time, bed time, tuck in, a little more tinkering on the latest project for work or around the house, brush teeth, wash face, and literally fall into bed. Sound at all familiar?

It's good to work, don't get me wrong. Idle hands really are the devils playground. Nonetheless we don't have concept of what it really means to care for ourselves and our families. We need to slow down. In the hustle and bustle we can truly forget what is important. It's not until we are sick in bed with the flu that we remember we are not super humans. Just because the lights work past 10pm doesn't mean they should. Our systems are running on empty. We are not feeding ourselves right physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

May I with love encourage you to de-stress and take better care of you, so you can take better care of others? There are so many factors out there pulling for our attention. I know you've heard messages like this before. Please don't ignore it. There's a reason half of our country is walking around anxiety meds and anti-depressants. I'm not saying there are not true chemical imbalances out there. I know for a fact there are definitely. I was on anti-depressants for 9 years. In many cases though these imbalances can be corrected with proper self-care and frame of mind. I'll never forget the words of one of my lecturers at school, "Depression is not a deficiency in vitamin Prozac."

Ways to De-Stress

We work too much, there's no way getting around it. Unfortunately, I realize that's difficult to lessen. If you can stop working that second or third job, please do. We need time to take care of our physical needs. Hamburger helper and McDonalds are not foods, they are simply filling a hole. Our bodies need real, whole foods everyday. Yes, they cost more financially up front, but do they in the long run? When we give our bodies the nutrients they need, they run properly. We need to get back in the kitchen. Anything labeled low fat, get rid of it! Our bodies need fat to live. Healthy fat makes our brains work right. Fat doesn't make you fat, sugar and a sedentary lifestyle do. We need to exercise. Get a twenty to thirty minute walk in daily. Go to sleep between 9-10pm. Don't eat past 7pm if you can help it. Drink lots of water. Get a massage or go to the chiropractor as often as possible. Get blood tests taken at the doctor. Check B12, D, and niacin. Often times severe deficiencies in these
vitamins can cause depression. Prescription medications can and do deplete the body and prevent proper nutritional absorption. Do a liver detox 3-4 times yearly.

After everything is said and done by the end of the day where did your family or friend time go? Are you making time for those relationships? Do you even remember who your spouse is anymore? Get a date night on the calendar twice a month, if not weekly. DO NOT cancel it. Children of all ages like to be read to, grab a book and whether he's 6 months or 16 years old read together. Go for walk together with a friend. Grab a couple board games and call it game night. Turn off the television! Say
 good night to Facebook ;) Go grab a good book and read a chapter or two to yourself. Journal or sketch, its healing.


Have you said hello to your Creator lately? Do you know Yeshua (Jesus)?  If you don't know Him,
please get to know Him. He's dying to talk to you. He tries often, I'm positive. In fact, He did die for you, and He rose again, just so you could live in paradise forever with Him. Dont know Him? Ask
me about Him. Wake up with God. Make time to tell Him good morning. Pray. Write down your
thoughts, fears, dreams, and desires for the day. Offer it up to Him. Read His Word, the Bible. It's His
 guidelines and instructions to us. Read a short devotional in the middle of the day. Cry out His name whenever needed. He's listening. If you start to stress or get depressed out of the blue, begin to pray. Pray for others and see how fast your dismal fog lifts.

6 Quick Things You Can Do to De-stress 

1. Pray
2. Drink tulsi tea
3. Eat a small piece of dark, raw chocolate
4. Listen to a favorite song and sing it
5. Go over the blessings of your day
6. Inhale lavender essential oil

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  1. Catching up on your posts and drinking Lemon Ginger Tulsi now. =D