Friday, December 20, 2013

Homemade Elderberry Slippery Elm Syrup

Loving this fall weather, except for the gray days. Summer time is my absolute favorite season though. I love the hot sun beating down on me while I'm hiking on trails or walking on the beach. So since we have now walked into the holiday season immune defenses are going to be down because of all of the sugar and not so great dietary choices. This time of year is so tempting. If you'd like to skip cold and flu season all together, check out my post here. To keep a little insurance so to speak in our back pockets, I thought it would be great to show you how to make a kid friendly medicinal syrup to administer daily or weekly to boost your family's immune systems.

So colds and flues are viral. Viruses are not the same as bacteria. Viruses cannot replicate with a host cell, therefore they are not considered living organisms. Bacteria on the other are able to exisit and thrive without a host. Knowing the type of infection you have is key to treating it. Regardless, both types of infections can really take our bodies into an unnecessary tail spin...not fun! To keep myself and my children healthy I utilized some of God's finest from the outdoors and made a immune system boosting syrup. This is appropriate for age 1year and older. It does contain honey, so do not give it to a baby under a year of age. There is a particular bacteria, C.Botulinum that can cause death in infants.

Ingredients & Benefits

(1/2 Cup) Dried Black Elderberries: immune boosting, helps ward off viruses

(1/4 Cup) Slippery Elm Bark: soothing for sore throats, fights infection

(1/4 Cup) Ginger Root: anti-inflammatory, immune booster, mucous solvent

(3) Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks: anti-inflammatory, warming to the body, anti-bacterial

(1 Cup) Raw Local Honey: anti-bacterial

Here is how to make the syrup:

Mince the ginger root.

Then measure 3 cups of filtered water and put it into the pot.

Then put the elderberries, ginger, cinnamon, and slippery elm bark, into the pot.

Simmer on low heat for 1 hour. Next you will turn off the heat and use a mesh strainer to strain the herbs from the liquid. Add your honey. Store in a glass jar in the refrigerator.


Adults: 1 Tbsp

Children under 12: 1 Tsp

Children under 4: 1/2 Tsp

You can use one serving daily for immunity support or take 3 servings at the onset of illness to fight an infection. Store in the fridge for 2 months.

Please give me a heads up if you make this for yourself or your family. Be healthy, be blessed, and be a good steward!

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