Friday, July 18, 2014

Why We Don't Get Enough Vitamin D

So it is summer and most people are out in the sun, which is great! Sun exposure, done in a healthy manner is excellent for your body! Sunlight has been connected directly with mood, emotions, and energy levels. A lot of the connection has to do with vitamin D.

While truth be told, vitamin D is truly much more of a hormone than a vitamin. While it can be found in certain foods, our primary intended way to absorb D is though the sun. The vitamin D our bodies need, that comes from the sun is D3.

Most people think we are able to get plenty of that wonder vitamin from the sun. That's almost true. You have to understand the best way to absorb though. Unfortunately, the tips we've heard over the years are actually hindering our ability to take in and produce this much needed hormone. 

Things We've Heard That Have Hindered Our D3 Absorption:

1) Wear Sunscreen: Most sunscreens on the market contain so many toxic chemicals that wind up causing different types of skin cancer. Dr. Mercola covers this in depth.

2) Stay Out of the Sun From the Hours of 12pm-3pm:  For years most doctors have said to stay out of the sun during those hours due to the sun's strength during that time. The reason for that is it's also the most likely time of day to burn.there are ways to avoid burning and still getting the D3 you need.

3) Showering: I know this sounds funny, but believe it or not, showering with soap actually blocks D3 from being absorbed. The reason for this is the D3 is actually an oil created on the skin by the sun. This oil can take up to 48 hours to be absorbed. If each day we wash our bodies with soap we strip the D3 before we can receive it. Read what Dr. Mercola says about it here.

Ways to Stay Safe in the Sun and Get What We Need

1) First 20 Minutes Uncovered: All most people need each day is 20 minutes in the sun. Don't use any sunscreen then, and leave as much skin uncovered as possible. After that 20 minutes the application of sunscreen if you will be out for a while is okay, if it is a safe brand on the market. These can be found in health food stores. One brand I like is Badger. I actually sell my own safe natural sunscreen as well through Kingdom Health.  Another option is making your own.

2) Get Outside During 12pm-3pm: This is the best time to get the D3 you need. The sun is shining its brightest and most likely to produce the most D3. Stay hydrated by drinking water and  eat fruit in the morning. This will encourage a longer stay in the sun. Keep in mind the darker you are the longer you need to be in the sun. Darker skin tones do not adsorb D as well as others.

3) What to Wear: Wear natural fibers that are very light in color.This will reflect the sun's rays.  Also wear a hat.When water is involved, using rash guards can be very effective as well.

4) Bathe Like Europeans (Almost): Showering everyday with soap, due to it's natural pH, it strips our skin of all it's oils, including D3. You may say ewww to this, oh well, but only wash the spots you need to wash most of the time, if you get my drift. Only scrub down everything with soap once a week, and rinse the rest with just water. Take a shower every other day if you can. Avoid one everyday if possible. The "cleaner" you eat, as well as the use of essential oils daily while using organic unrefined coconut oil as a carrier oil for the essential oils will keep you clean, smelling fresher, and resistant to illness.

5) Use Essential Oils:By using 100 therapeutic grade beyond organic essential oils and other natural oils to stay clean, fresh, and burn free you'll be amazed at your results. Try carrot seed oil, avocado oil, and raspberry seed oil.

Should I Supplement? 

My short answer to that question is yes, everyone should supplement with D3 unless you live below the equator and you are out in the sun between the hours of 12pm-3pm everyday for 20 minutes, and you bathe only every other to 2 days.  I supplement with 4000-6000 IUs daily. Everyone is a little different. If I know I'll be in the sun I go lower. We need very high amounts of D3 for our bodies in comparison to what the FDA regulates. Dr. Joshua Axe talks about dosage recommendations here.

I hope you found this information helpful! Be healthy, be blessed, and be a good steward!


  1. Hi Marie.
    I was just having this conversation with my mom.. She has been diagnosed with Osteo-penia and needs to increase her calcium and VD3 in addition to taking Fosomax which the doctor prescribed. I mentioned to her there is a difference in D and D3 and also in calcium. Is it better to take calcium or calcium citrate? I heard one absorbs better than the other.

    1. Hi Anna,

      Sorry this response has taken so long. I don't get notified when someone responds by Google. Yes, you are correct. She needs to make sure that she takes a D3 and not D2. D2 is meant for plants, it's not for us. Our bodies do not do well with it. I like Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw D3. I also like Nature's Answer D3 drops.

      Calcium should only be supplemented in extreme cases. Great food sources of calcium are green veggies and sea veggies. To help with the absorption of the calcium from our food supplementing with a good magnesium like Calm by Natural Vitality. You can also do topical magnesium, like the one I make. Doing magnesium topically is great way to ensure its getting absorbed. Also a vitamin K supplement will maximize taking calcium in from our food.

      If you must supplement, I would suggest New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care. It is the best on the market as far as I am concerned. It is a natural food based source from algaes. It has produced GREAT results in others.

      Hope this helps! Love and blessings!