Saturday, September 6, 2014

What's In Your Spice Cabinet?

So do you use your spice cabinet to it's full potential? Did you know most of you have a powerhouse of ingredients sitting right there? Herbs and spices add flavor and nutrition to your meals. They can turn a boring bland dish into an adventure. Experiment and have fun with them! For those of you that have been following me for a while and consistently, then you know I've advised you on purchasing organic herbs and spices. 

FYI: I do not recommend organic because it is cool or trendy. Organic is simply natural and normal, although sadly, not yet the norm. Almost all plants as you probably know are sprayed with tumor causing, brain disorder causing herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. More and more plants are becoming genetically modified (GMO), and more specifically many conventional herbs and spices are getting a large dose of radiation, that's right our herbs are being radiated. This is very, very dangerous to our bodies.

 Dried herbs and spices are an awesome time saver too. If you don't have any fresh herbs and spices prepared, these babies can save your meal. Do you do smoothies? I love adding herbs and spices into my smoothies dry and fresh! They make changing up a smoothie really simple and delicious! Do you ever switch around your spices in your favorite dishes to give them a new twist?

Another reason I love dried herbs and spices is you can magnify their medicinal benefits by using them  in a homemade tincture or salve.

My Dried Favorites and Why

Turmeric: awesome root that has super anti-inflammatory properties for the entire body from the component curcumin.

Garlic: well first of all it adds incredible flavor, now while dried it doesn't have a the anti-bacterial properties of raw garlic, it does help the body absorb iron, and is a source of manganese and phosphorus.

Ginger: oh such a yummy spice; it contains gingerol, this component helps the body stay warm, and is magnified highly when dried. Gingerol also helps control opportunistic or non-beneficial bacteria in the body.

Cayenne: has super great anti-inflammatory properties, and great for a healthy heart.

Cardamom: great for digestive issues, uplifting mood, mouth ulcers, lowering blood pressure

Cinnamon: great for balancing blood sugar, always put this in desserts if you can, natural sweet and spice to it, immune boosting, antibacterial (less effective when heated, helps mental concentration, can fight certain cancer cells (probably most effective through an essential oil)

Rosemary: stimulating the immune system, increasing circulation, improving digestion, and  improving/increasing blood flow to the head (probably most effective as an essential oil)

What is your favorite spice? Share below!