Monday, December 29, 2014

Spaghetti Squash Crust Quiche

Over the Christmas break a good friend of mine asked me if I would make a recipe that she had found to see if I liked it. I leaped at the opportunity because it just so happened that I was looking for a creative way to use the spaghetti squash I'd just cooked.

As previously mentioned in a recent article, we love to eat quiche at this house, and I love to make them. They are easy to make, nutritious, fairly quick to bake, and an awesome way to use up leftovers. 

The original recipe was from:

I will start off saying kudos to the creator of the idea to use the spaghetti squash in this way. I'd recently been playing with it in the kitchen, so this was perfect timing! I would make it again. It stays together really well. It's nice and crispy where the egg doesn't touch, but does stay soft where everything comes together. I really enjoyed the flavor. It's an awesome way to get more fiber in those kiddos.


I used a variety of leftovers in mine that were in the fridge. That's the beauty of quiche, almost anything goes! I used left overs for this so my measurements are not exact. I threw in:

black beans, cooked
butternut squash
shiitake mushrooms
quinoa, cooked
goat cheddar cheese
garlic powder
ground turmeric
Celtic sea salt
ground black pepper

Oh did I need to say spaghetti squash and eggs? Hopefully not, but just so you know, eggs and spaghetti squash. I used 8 eggs. You may need 10 depending on size of pie plate/dish, and other ingredients. I used most of a cooked small-medium sized spaghetti squash. Don't know how to cook it? Read here.


Preheat the oven to 350F.

Push the spaghetti squash against the bottom and sides of the pie plate. I greased it a little with organic unrefined coconut oil.

My suggestion is to lightly sauté any veggies you throw in there first before adding them. Then put them on the squash.

Whisk the eggs with any herbs and spices in a big bowl. Add them on top of the veggies.

Last, if you eat cheese, add it now, and be generous. If you don't, then don't worry about it. You could add a few tablespoons of nutritional yeast to whisk with the eggs for a cheesy flavor if desired.

Bake it for 40-45 minutes. Give it 5 minutes to cool a bit, then serve. Along side soup and salad it's a perfect cold weather meal for any time of day! If you have a larger family just use more ingredients. This would make a great New Years breakfast or brunch!

Be healthy and blessed! Helping you to be a good steward of your health!~Marie A. Ligorria

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