Monday, October 3, 2011

New Recipes, and More

Wow, so the excitement of fall is certainly buzzing around here. The leaves are starting to turn colors, and the wonderful fall veggies are at the farmers market. Today I picked up butternut squash to make some vegetarian tacos, turnips to make mashed turnips and parsnips (will let you know how they turn out this week), one white and one dark purple eggplant for something wonderful, oh and my favorite 3 pie pumpkins. I enjoy making my own pumpkin puree for pies, cookies, muffins, breads, and pancakes.

Tonight was a night for new recipes. I featured my not completely new, but new enough kale salad (new because of the dressing), Eggs Pomodoro (really delish and featured in the picture), and gluten free donuts (still working on these, tasted good, but needs work). I will definitely feature the Eggs Pomodoro in one of my cooking classes. Stay tuned for those details, classes start soon.


  1. when can I come over for dinner, this looks yummy!?

  2. Friend you are always welcome here!