Saturday, January 4, 2014

Got Glutened?

So everyone these days seems to be going gluten free (GF) for one reason or another. There are lots of great reasons to make this decision. I'd like to discuss why this is a good choice in today's day and age, how to do it properly, and what to do if you get what's called, "Glutened" after going GF.

First let me say that it is my personal belief that God did not create us with food allergies or intolerances. Gluten is not the bad guy. I firmly believe these issues stem from the state of affairs of our food system. Over hybridization, genetic altering and modifications, processing, pasteurization, homogenization, the use of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, along with improper crop rotation, diversity, and "rest" for the fields, we have created a monster.

The other problem is all of the fake food or food like products getting passed off as healthy...and the hugest detriment is we spend our money on these science projects.

What is Gluten
Gluten is the protein in several grains. . You can be sure you have gluten if you are eating wheat, kamut, spelt, rye, barley, farrah, semolina, and couscous. Lots of food are mixed with foods that contain gluten. Wheat is brushed, sprayed, and mixed on naturally GF foods as well. You must read labels and know what to look for on it. 

The traditional wheat Jesus ate is gone. Due to man made changes to the plant the gluten count, according to doctor and author William Davis, the gluten count went from 5% to over 50%! That's an incredible amount of protein. It is extremely abrasive to the digestive tract. This cause great inflammation through the entire body.

Reasons Why
Perhaps you've recently discovered through tests that you have the auto-immune disorder called Celiac Disease. In this case, run don't walk to your kitchen and do a "clean out" of all foods with gluten. 

Maybe you have not tested positive for Celiac, yet you notice a direct intolerance due to foods with gluten due to gut issues present like Crohn's disease, colitis, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, Candida, or chronic unidentified stomach pain like diarrhea or nausea.

Perhaps you have symptoms like chronic migraines, foggy brain, memory issues, depression, excess weight you can't lose, acne, or excema. Yes, these can and are caused by sensitivities to gluten. I am a walking testimony to it. 

Have arthritis or joint pain? Gluten is exacerbating the pain and making it worse.

Consider Going GF
If you haven't experienced any of the symptoms I've mentioned, consider yourself blessed. Why allow the possibility of them popping up in the future though? If you are certain that you are perfectly fine and healthy, might I encourage you to eat a wide variety of foods, eat much less foods with gluten (veggies and fruits are all GF), and if at all possible become wheat free. As mentioned early wheat is not what it once was and it confuses the body by being an overload. 

Other grains containing gluten are not as processed or changed. For anyone intolerant though, it's best to remove all gluten because the body's immune response is now in over-react mode.

When the health of our intestines has been compromised, our over all health and wellness is headed for a quick decline. Our immunity is all in our gut. Healing the gut takes time to do. It is not an overnight process. Hear me: prescription medication cannot heal your digestive system. Only the consistent use 
of real, organic, gluten free foods and certain natural supplements along with periodic fasting will give it life again. 

Too much stress can also irritate the gut. Being sure to manage your stress with purposeful action will be exceedingly beneficial.

Got Glutened?
Okay so perhaps you've gone GF for a while. Then it happens, you've eaten some food with gluten whether it's on purpose or not, you aren't feeling so good. Getting "glutened" is the term used for that circumstance. This is real and don't let anyone tell you it's not a real condition.

When I get glutened, I feel foggy brained, sharp pains in my stomach or nauseas, and very lethargic. Some people might vomit, have diarrhea, or break out with a bout of acne. I avoid it as much as possible of course, but it happens sometimes. 

Ways to Avoid Getting Glutened
Make food at home.
Look for certified gluten free items.
Don't purchase much pre-packed GF foods like bars and snacks; these are USUALLY, not always, but usually junk.
Beware of bulk bins in grocery stores; cross contamination happens easily.
Avoid most GF store bought breads, they aren't the cleanest and tend to have genetically modified ingredients.
Look for complete GF restaurants. 
If you can't find a GF restaurant, look for GF friendly places that really are GF friendly. A GF menu doesn't stop cross contamination.
Take a high quality protease enzyme like Enzymedica Glutenese every time right before eating at a restaurant or even someone's house. It will help the body break down the rogue gluten that wound up on your plate.

What to Do If You Get Glutened
Drink lots of filtered water to flush the body.
Another good drink for flushing would be dandelion tea.
Chew some raw ginger, if it's available, a little bit at a time for a few hours. This will help ease the inflammation. Otherwise carry organic ginger capsules with you for such an occasion. Himalaya is a good brand. Health food stores have it.
Take some bentonite clay liquid to help flush the gluten from your system. Health food stores should carry it.
If you forgot to take a protease enzyme, take one now, it still may help. 
Drink a smoothie with papaya and the pineapple stem. These fruits have awesome enzymes that will also help ease the distress.
Rest, your body needs to recouperate.

Join me next time when I talk about where else gluten is hiding. Got questions? Ask me below. I'm 100% GF and currently taking health counseling clients who want to do the same. Be healthy, be blessed, be a good steward!

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