Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Win a Copy of The Maker's Diet and More....

So I am gearing up to start school. I am plugging into some of the pre-classes,and getting used to the format. The cool thing about my classes is that the course work is loaded onto an IPOD Touch! I can literally take school wherever I go. I actually get my own health coach to lead and guide me, which I think is awesome! I'm looking forward to the business aspect as well because that will assist me in building a client base.

So here it is your chance to win your very own copy of The Maker's Diet by Jordin Rubin. I highly recommend reading this book, if you aren't one of the winners check it out at the library, or go buy one at the bookstore. The Christian stores carry it, and I'm sure Barnes and Noble does as well. It may be cheaper to order it from amazon though. At any rate, get a copy!

It's amazing as I read through the book a lot of my "feelings" or thoughts about different subjects are mentioned, and supported...makes me feel kind of good, ya know. The Maker's Diet is all about being a good steward with what the Lord Yeshua has given us. What it is not about is legalism, or being under the law.

Jordin discusses food, the mainstream medical community, and what we can do to preserve what the Lord has given us so to be able to go out and do a good work for Him. (Just in case you're wondering, no I don't get any kind of a kick back for promoting this book. It's been out for years, I just really love what he says in it, and I think it's worth reading. Take what you want from it, implement what you can, and keep serving the Lord!)

So for anyone interested in winning their very own copy, I have three extras here just dying to be read, so what you need to do is make a post under this entry on the blog, and tell me two things: how the Lord blessed you today and what your comfort food is...mine currently is apples and peanut butter. The first three people to do this will win. Oh feel free please to share my blog on Facebook ;)


  1. Hey Marie! The Lord has blessed me by helping me get out of bed today. I had an awful day yesterday and if it were up to me, I might lay in bed forever!!!! Thank God His mercies are new each morning :) My favorite comfort food? Depends on the weather. When it's hot I like chilled rice pudding; in cold weather it's oatmeal all the way!

  2. I have been blessed with time. With the blessing of time soooo many things have fallen into or under that blessing.....time to read with my son this morning during his devotion, time to cook breakfast for my husband, time to get some work in before taking my kids out , time to write in my pray journal, time to hug my kids and not rush them out the door, time to read this blog, and you won't believe it time to bake!!!! lol I'm planning on baking this week. My favorite comfort food popcorn i can eat it everyday

  3. Do you mean apples with peanut butter? I've never tried that before. hmmm I might have to experiment. Normally, Wednesday mornings are full of blessings to me because we have our Men's fellowship at work, but today it was cancelled. However, I was reading this morning Hosea 13:14 "I will ransom them (Israel) from the power of the grave", which is a picture of Jesus. Israel is totally messing up here and God will still send His Son to save them. How awesome is that kind of love from our Heavenly Father? Even when we fall short He still loves us. That was a huge blessing for me today. Oh, I love chocolate. When I get cravings I am scouring the pantry for anything chocolately!!