Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Sun Skin Care

Hi! So it occurred to me a few weeks ago, actually closer to a month ago that summer was coming, and that the sun would be really shining brightly.  Actually, the sun always shines brightly doesn't it? For some reason when it is hotter we tend to think about it more though. Anyhoo, I kind of had a personal conviction that the kids and I would not use sunscreen this year. Here is why.

Last summer I cannot express how much money I spent on chemical free suncreen. Yuckers, not doing it this year.  So along with my conviction came questions. Am I right in feeling this way? I mean I certainly believe that the chemicals are just as harmful, if not worse than the sunburn. Also I wasn't so sure about the truth of it all.  Do the sun rays really cause cancer?  Why would God allow such a thing? Are the doctors being honest with us? How sure are they really that this is the case?

So as my usual curious self, I went trudging through the beautiful yet terrible thing we call the Internet.  One resource for medical and health infomation that I trust is Dr. Joe Mercola.  His website has a wealth of free information.  I'll post the site below.  Today I will post questions about all of this on The Renegade Health Show board, as well as The Raw Life Health Show board. When I hear responses I will post them here. I just like to compare information so I can give the most accurate facts available.

Another concern of mine is the lack of vitamin D. Our bodies need Vitamin D, and most people, omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans alike all tend to be on the low side of this much needed vitamin. Without it we cannot process calcium, as many people know is necessary for the growth and protection of our bones. The sun is the BEST place to attain this vital vitamin.  Unfortunately, we lather on that sunscreen, and while it may prevent sunburn, it also prevents the penetration of vitamin D.

No, supplements are not the same. Most supplements are not even the vitamin D that we need.  Yes, there are different ones. Our bodies need vitamin D3. Synthetic versions of this vitamin are also not adequate. To help make up for the lack of D3, I do take a supplement. It was recommended by raw foodist Paul Nison, and raw foodist Kevin Gianni.  It is called Garden of Life Vitamin Code D3.  You can purchase it at Paul Nison's website. I have the link labeled Raw Life on the blog if you want to try it.

For now the kids and I are going to wear hats, and try to cover up in the best ways possible.  I think a great way for the pool and beach is to use rash guards. For anyone that doesn't know what they are its really a surfer thing, that caught on with everyone else later. Basically all rash guards happen to be are shirts that can get wet, dry easily, and prevents the surfers from getting rashes from the waves. Well, I suppose the look of them became appealing, and now many people wear them.

I usually buy them for my boys at Old Navy when they are on sale. They go sale every now and then for $9. Nowadays they make them UV protectant, so it cuts down on spreading the suncreen.  I also went to the Children's Place and buy them some sun hats with my $10 coupon :)

Back to the sunscreen issue, I believe the sun does us much more good, than harm.  Lack of sunlight is also directly correlated with depression. So go outside, enjoy the summer time fun, and wear a hat!

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