Monday, June 21, 2010

Why I Care So Much About What I Eat (Part 5)

In 2006 the Lord brought our family to the Triangle area of NC. At this period of time I was very adamant about improving my own as well as my family's health. I remember being exceedingly excited because I now had wonderful stores available, and farmer's markets to help make this all a little bit easier.

As previously mentioned I was on prozac. This had troubled me for so long because truth be told once I came ot know the Lord, I was no longer depressed. I no longer had a desire to be in bondage to these legal drugs. I also believed the drugs were doing more harm than good. So I made it my prayer to the Lord for Him to please find a way for me to be delivered from this life term sentence that all psychiatrists had told me that I would be never be released from.

I had been to one pyschiatrist in the area whom I didn't care for so I didn't go to one for a while, and my MD was fine with prescribing the medication for me. She, however, not being a psychiatrist was not able to give me a clear diagnosis of no longer needing the medicine. Its not always pleasant looking for new doctors.

Around March of 2007 I decided to look for another psychiatrist.  I found one in my insurance network, and made an appointment. I just expected to be told the same old thing, you need these drugs for life.  I guess I had given into what I had always been told.

The first meeting was just a get to know you, share your background history type of meeting. I didn't need a prescription at the time. So I received the usual round of questions, and went on my way.  He wanted to meet with me the following month so I made the appointment, and that was that.

In April I went in for my second appointment. By this time I was low on medication, and I went in hopeful to atleast reduce the dosage. Sadly, my prayers had been reduced by my lack of faith in this area. I can remember clearly that there was an intern in the room that day. The doctor asked me if it was ok for him to observe. I thought, oh great, another person to note how crazy I

I asked the doctor if  he could reduce my dosage. I thought surely this was a reasonable request. Do you know what he said? He said, "Have you ever considered not taking them anymore?!!!!" I almost cried. I was in disbelief that he was asking me this question. He said I was the most sane person to come through the doors, and he really didn't think I needed them anymore. I didn't need to wean myself off or anything.

I told him that it was an answer to prayer. I'd wanted to be off of them for 6 years.  This is all to say NEVER GIVE UP ON THE LORD! He never gives up on us. All things are done in His perfect timing. If you don't know Jesus, please get to know Him. I know what the world says. I know people say the Bible is bogus, and not scientifically viable, but it is very much so. That's another discussion altogether, but if you feel like there's more to life, you're right, and I'd be happy to talk or pray with you about it.

Remember when I said I thought the drugs were doing more harm than good, about one year later, from the drugs not being in my system I had dropped about 8-10 pounds.  It was at that time that I had also introduced many more organic foods into our family's diet. I had learned that all of these prescription drugs that we put into our systems make unhealthy fat stores stick to our bodies. So do the pesticides, and hormones that are pumped into and on conventional foods.

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