Friday, June 18, 2010

Why I Care So Much About What I Eat (Part 2)

I didn't go back to starving myself praise the Lord. I did however continue to want to learn more about eating healthier. I consumed lots of fruits and veggies. I stopped eating most items with white flour around 9th grade. It was around that time that I stopped eating red meat and pork as well. I became unable to tolerate it. I would get terrible stomach pains, and it would trigger terrible migraines. I decided to remove it from my diet.

I stayed fairly disciplined with eating until the end of my freshman year in college. I was also dancing in classes 3-4 hours a day, then working out after school, as well as having dance rehearsal at night. So anything I ate that wasn't so healthy didn't stay with me very long. I remember vividly being introduced to Chick-Fil-A and Krispy Kreme, which are two of my vices even tot his day.

I took a break from college due to financial issues and mental stress, and started to work full time. At this time in my life my diet really suffered due to finances, and I would eat what I could afford, which was usually boxed mac and cheese. It was at this point as well that I began seeing a psychiatrist who put me on paxil for depression (little did I know how these would affect me). As one can imagine my health was not stellar, and I was also not exercising as I once did.

Fast forwarding a few years into my first pregnancy I gained 44 pounds, and I was only able to lose about 20 pounds. I can't say I consistently tried very hard though. I was still on antidepressants, switched from paxil to prozac when I became pregnant. So basically I was an overweight, 20 something college drop-out, on legal drugs for depression, with a baby and a husband.

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