Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why I Care So Much About What I Eat (Part 6)

As anyone who has a relationship with Jesus knows the more that you get to know His heart, the more that you love Him. This brings about strong desires of wanting to obey Him more than ever. Its amazing how you can begin to find areas of your life where you have not submitted to Christ. Those areas just sneak up on you sometimes.

In January of 2009 the chronic migraines, which I had had since age 11, had severely increased. I was getting 3-4 a week, with tension headaches in between. (Did I mention I was homeschooling, and my husband is away with his job? It was by the grace of God that I got things done.) If you have never had a migraine then I am happy for you, I hope that you will never experience one in your life. I would become completely debilitated. In February  to boot I started feeling extreme dizziness and feelings that I was spinning. I was diagnosed with Vertigo.

(Little did I know the road on which God was taking me. Here's a side note for you. During this same time period, as strange as this sounds I would go grocery shopping. Well, not so strange, right. The strange part was my weird aversion to buying meat. I'd look at chicken and turkey, and get sick to my stomach almost every time I was at the market.  I'd think gosh, Lord, why don't I want to buy that? Why don't I want to eat that? I love poultry. I thought I was just crazy though, dismissed it, and put it into my cart.)

Back to the migraines and vertigo, my neurologist and my general practioner had prescribed more chemical medications to see if it could ease my situation (can I get a great big-NO). She gave me a prescription for the Vertigo, and said it might help. It depends on the patient. I really wnated to explore all natural means and options before taking one more drug. So I explored them for quite a while. 

I had been through all sorts of testing. My neurologist had actually changed my medication to a different kind. She had said that the tension headaches resulted from a bout of my body basically being poisoned from the original medication.

Apparently it was too much for my system, even though I would try not to take it everytime, and I never exceeded the dosage. Shortly after finding out this information my neurologist switched me to a new drug that apparently can make you lose concentration, and slow down all brain function. I was so conflicted about taking this medication. I cried, and prayed.

I really felt like enough was enough. I had been on legal drugs for migraines for almost three years, and before that I would suffer through them with high amounts of naproxen, and prayer. Sometimes I would just suffer through them without taking anything because I hated putting what I always knew in my heart to be toxins into my body even if it was excrutiating pain. I wanted to feel like myself, if I could even remember what that felt like. Between the antidepressants mentioned in other posts, and the migraine drugs, I was full of poison.No more drugs!

I can remember my prayer at this point that changed the way I pray. I was finally able to submit. On my knees, face smooshed against the side of my bed, I held the pill bottle up professing to the Lord that He is the healer, doctors are not healers, drugs are not healers, He is the only one. I gave all the pain away to the Lord. I asked Him to please, if it were His perfect Will, to take all of the migraine pain and vertigo away forever. I never asked him that before.

I always prayed about the pain in the moment, in the back of my mind, expecting to get another one later after having them for so many years. I never went that deep or far in my prayer before. I decided to trust, and not take that brain altering medication atleast until I could talk with my doctor. It didn't feel right taking it.

To add icing to the cake, I came down with the most horrible cold 2 days after receiving the medication.  You are probably thinking, big deal, you had a cold, how bad could it be? People have those all of the time, right?  I cannot express to you the degree of this cold. I was miserable. A cold of this magnitude on top of the migraines and vertigo seemed too much for me to handle.

I was also very concerned about taking the new migraine drug along with cold medication. I read up on the Internet, I called the doctor, and I read the cold medication box. By the way, that isn't something I typically do, take cold medication. I never do it during the day. The body needs to go through the process to cleanse and heal itself. God made our bodies this way. We were not intended to stay sick. Also these drugs do not heal anything, they simply mask the symptoms, or force our bodies to do things unnaturally.

Putting "over the counters" into our systems are so risky. We have no idea what those drugs are really doing to our bodies. So many drugs have been put on those shelves without thorough testing. It is so disturbing to me how many recalls there have been over the years. Despite all of that I not had slept in 3-4 days, and I was so sick. I was desperate to breathe, and for rest, therefore I gave into taking them only at night. So to be really cautious, and to honor the decison that I made prior, I put a halt to the migraine meds.

So at this point I called my health savvy friend MM, and she told me that I had to have vitamin C crystals. I was unable to go out to purchase any for about 2 days. As soon as I could go out to buy it I went ahead and took some, and just let me tell you to please taste and see that the Lord is good.  After having the vitamin C in my system for less than 24 hours I started to recover. The Lord used His creation of the vitamin C to clean out my system from the illness.

The cleansing process was amazing. I hadn't been able to blow my nose in days. Everything was stuck up inside my head, and made for searing headaches.  After taking the vitamin C crystals it was almost as though I couldn't stop. The crystals are crucial by the way. Never take any supplements in tablet form. Our bodies can't break them down, and citrus in tablet form, like vitamin C, is extremely detrimental to the enamel on our teeth. Powders, crystals, and capsules are superior.

Now this is my personal opinion, I believe the Lord allowed me to get sick with the most terrible cold ever in order to cleanse my body completely from the drugs. I was deficient in Vit C to begin with, and in order to help my body heal, and actually get me in bed to rest, this was His method. I say that because, I am a  Mom, and for all of you moms out there, I have a question-do we rest? I have to say that I am still quite disobedient in that area.( Lord please forgive me, you know I am working on it with your help.)

I know I said I would end this diatribe soon, and I will. I just feel it really important to show you where T've been to understand where I am at now. Go on to the next part if you haven't died of boredom yet.

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